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Apotheon (Greek) Style Stages Project - Everybody can contribute

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I wanted to do this myself but then I figured the style is so simple I am sure a lot of people can do it even beginner stage creators.

Plus it looks fuckin cool in my opinion.

This game is called Apotheon and it has a very unique greek graphic style.

It would be cool to see people use their creativity and skills to make "Apotheon Style" stages.
You can cut from screenshots of the game or even draw yourself because it's rather simple.
I am sure amazing results can come out of this.

You can take this project as some sort of stage contest although it's not really a competition but more a collective project. I am sure people will be happy to contribute since it is a unique opportunity to create something great looking with very easy material to use.

THINK BIG guys. The sprites are easy to make or cut so TAKE THE CHANCE TO HAVE MULTIPLE LAYERS AND DELTAS to achieve beautiful stages - :awesome You can make something awesome without being a pro on this one !!

(MP3's are not ALL included for now sorry - only some of them);dl=cat294
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A lot of these are very different, but that's usually good.
I see a lot of potential here. When I saw the first image I instantly had an idea for it. Everything could simply be cut and remade on the parts needed, considering it's basic drawing and simple colors.
Like one simple color tiled for the background, the floor drawn straight across rather than upward, however the part of it that goes upward could be cut and placed on a slightly different delta along with all the trees and clouds and simply cut and tile the clouds with a velocity and maybe make some layerno 1.
As you said the delta potential is beautiful.

I may participate in the future. study


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Challenge Accepted. Dat behind

... but not now.

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