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1 1000 Member Pack Official on Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:17 am

Alright, guys. I said after some time went by and we got more situated within this project I'd make an official thread for everything that's been completed and is ready for the pack. Of course we'll still give time, this is just to give everyone participating an idea of what's completed and what isn't, in case they'd like to offer their help or be aware of how far we're progressing.

For those of you still participating and creating:

I'd like for you to refer here for feedback and updates on your material considering it's not offical at this point yet.

Again, this section is only to reveal what's been completed, and what's to come. Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on the status of your creation or if you're even entering it.


- Dissidia's Hatsune Miku Screenpacks (Custom/Normal)
- Miku Mansion By Dissidia
- Luminance City By Dissidia & GLB
- Night Riding Update By GLB & The Newagers
- Rooftop Update By GLB
- HELL Update By GLB
- City's Buildings Update By GLB & Dissidia
- Samurai Palace Update By GLB
- Desert Update By GLB
- WWX Screenpack By Vegaz_Parelli
- Stage Updates By Markpachi
- New (unamed) Stage By Markpachi
- GFX Pack By Genesis

These have all been stated official.


- Calignious Lake Update By GLB
- Snow Chapel Update By GLB & Dissidia
- Stage By xX-Nero-Xx

These aren't official but have been talked about and/or considered. Please inform me if the info is proven otherwise.


- Dissidia's Miku screenpacks.
- Luminance City By Dissidia & GLB
- Night Riding By GLB & The Newagers
- Rooftop Update By GLB

HELL, and Miku Mansion are being worked on currently and should be next up on the list.

Here's a small preview if you haven't seen it already:

Again, remember the other thread is for ideas, criticism, questions, and feedback on your releases (PLEASE POST YOUR CONTENT IN THE THREAD I LINK TO FOR TESTING BEFORE MAKING IT OFFICIAL HERE):

All official completed items will be let known here.


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2 Re: 1000 Member Pack Official on Thu Dec 06, 2012 7:18 pm

If you've seen the previous thread you already know.

We're doing the release pack in parts due to how much content there is going to be in total. The 1st part will be released on the 14th. There's no deadline for the rest. I'm leaving them open in case others would like to enter and others will have more time to get their creations situated without having to worry about a deadline.


- Dissidia's Hatsune Miku Screenpacks (Custom/Normal)
- Luminance City By Dissidia & GLB
- Night Riding Update By GLB & The Newagers
- Rooftop Update By GLB
- City's Buildings Update By GLB & Dissidia

This will give all other participants time to thoroughly create their content and not have to worry about deadlines. We'll keep these 2 threads for discussion on all parts.

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3 Re: 1000 Member Pack Official on Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:22 pm

Awesome, thanks for the info!

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4 Re: 1000 Member Pack Official on Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:52 am

Just a small update, Diss and I are holding Buildings out until the next part because we have more ideas for it in the future and we're not in any state to make the current deadline. But we promise when the time comes the wait'll be worth it. Thumbs Up


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5 Re: 1000 Member Pack Official on Sat Feb 02, 2013 5:20 pm

I figured i'd update the official part of the second pack. Considering some of the focus has been dwindling.

Aurora City By Dissidia
Miku Mansion By Dissidia
Surprise Stage Update By GLB (Once there's more progress I'll reveal it)
Tengoku No Hana By Wattawright, Dbdrummer7, and Markpachi.

These are 100% for sure. This will be updated with more contributions if there is any.

I've heard others but I have no idea if they're for sure or not. If they haven't been mentioned then we're not sure on the status of them.


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