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The 10 Newagemugen Commandments **Updated 2017**

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NewageMugen is proud of being a 10 year strong, friendly & laid-back, drama-free community full of awesome people.
Regardless of skill level or rank, EVERY member is equally important to the NewageMugen family.
However, the weird world of the internet is not always rainbows & sunshine - there are always a few keyboard samurai out there trying to ice skate on sand...(good analogy right?). Therefor to keep everything lovely jubbly, unfortunately some rules are necessary.

And the lord GLBeesus said

No Fraudulent/Fake/Spam/Leech Accounts:
Our strictest rule. We actively enforce this. Answer the registry field questions properly. Do not create multiple accounts. Do not register in a fraudulent manner. Do not use fake/burner email addresses or bot accounts. Do not type fake/fraudulent spam information in the registry fields when registering, or anywhere in your profile. Furthermore don't spam or post unnecessary spam comments in any topic or thread. Any accounts that fail to adhere to this will be automatically deleted.
Respect is EVERYTHING:
Basically, Don't be a dick and/or asshole. Don't troll, start flamewars, bully, belittle others, rant, or argue here. There are plenty of other websites that accommodate that behavior. When giving feedback, we encourage brutal honesty but direct it at creations and not creators. Don't point out the mistakes of others unless you can clearly direct them on how to correct them. RESPECT is key. Not just here, but in all walks of life.
No Illegal activity:
Use Common sense - don't link to warez/torrents, illegal deep web/mariana web/onion/tor sites, don't infringe copyright/s, promote/sell contraband, etc
No Antisocial Behavior:
Autoban & possible legal action will be taken against users that post content depicting the following: animal cruelty/rape/racism/murder/suicide/weird sexual shit/shock material. Also, be warned we are not so tolerant of Furries/Bronies, hentai/lolita material, erotic game content or any explicit and questionable fetishism shit. Use common sense
R.P.P.P - Respect & Protect Personal Privacy:
Internet anonymity is a right - be cautious sharing personal information that you may regret. Furthermore, do not share other peoples personal information without their consent.
Follow the Thread Guidelines:

There are basic guidelines in each respective thread which are very simple to follow. Again, use common sense. Don't derail topics, post in the correct sections, don't necrobump old topics, don't request things outside of the request thread etc etc
No M.U.G.E.N Profiteering:
Self Explanatory. This is more of an ethical code than a rule & is accepted widely throughout the majority of the community. Do not try to sell M.U.G.E.N or use it as a means for financial gain.
No stealing/leaking M.U.G.E.N content:
Self Explanatory.
Use Private messaging WISELY:
Do not PM other members/staff requesting DL links, or mugen content unnecessarily. If you have mugen questions or content requests, post them in the help/request thread. Manage your PM inbox wisely - When inbox reaches Max capacity, you wont receive new messages until older ones are deleted.
No oversized Avatars/Signatures:
We are quite lenient on this but still, use common sense. If your avatar/sig is bigger than the adminbot sig then it is too big lol. no, seriously.





Rules have been updated as of 2017 - we have simplified things. If you require more explanation for a rule, just click on it to expand the spoiler text.


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