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Old games you loved and want to work into mugen

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For me it's all about Prince of Persia II for dos. That game WAS my early childhood. Other dos games like Commander Keen, Hocus Pocus, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure...That's what I want to bring to mugen one of these days.



I'd love a better understanding of most Ps1 ripping and being able to implement some ps1 games into mugen. Tamez already did part of my dream: Implement Bust A Groove into mugen. I also had plans a while back for a Bushido Blade screenpack, things like that.




I just like to try complicated things and stuff that no one has done in MUGEN before. It's fun and all and IMO worth the effort but I'm just so lazy. I'm one of those guys that want the final product without having to put in the effort to get it.As far as old games though, I didn't really have a great PS1 collection except Final Fantasy games. It would be cool to make some of the areas from those games into stages though.


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